GIZ sends Participants to GNE

GIZ Health Sector Programme, Kenya sends Participants to GNE

Blog Foto GIZ KenyaThe GNE comprehensive six-month professional programme ‘Coordinator in International Project Management’ (IPM) offered a great opportunity. The topics ideally answered what the Kenyan partners were asking for, and came in at the right time. Through a selection process a team from Kenya comprising of two Ministry Officials, and two GIZ employees was narrowed on and sent to Witzenhausen for the programme which also included two months exposure in development or humanitarian institution (NGO or other institution).

By December, 2013, the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Health Sector Programme in Kenya had received a number of requests from a number of decentralized units for support in Project Planning and Management. Kenya just recently (2011) promulgated its new constitution, which among the key changes was the change of the state system from a centralized to a devolved Government system. This called for support to the institutions in terms of institutional capacity building.

The overall goal of the technical cooperation in the Health Sector in Kenya is to improve access for poor and disadvantaged groups to high quality basic health services, including reproductive health and to hedge against financial risks in case of illness. The German engagement is integrated into the partner strategies, including targets and indicators. One way to actualize this objective is through capacity building. It is hoped that the participants will contribute to ongoing processes in Kenya and pass on the skills gained to peers and colleagues in the health sector.

The course which targets entrants into Development Corporation and Humanitarian Aid, is rich in topics, that are critical in sustainable development and humanitarian aid including Quality Management (ISO: 9001), Project Cycle Management and Combi-financing Mechanisms. The course was highly fulfilling, answering key questions in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

Participants were from diverse backgrounds with people from different fields; Political Scientist, Physicists, Engineers, Agronomists, Medical Field, Economists, Business Administrators, and Environmentalists, both men and women (1/3 men), French speaking, German Speaking and English speaking. Most though having previously worked admitted that the course had given them the necessary tools for successful contribution to the target sectors.

Having worked in Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation before, the engagements and detailed classroom discussions were enlightening to some of the challenges I had faced.Being in the course not only increased my knowledge but also helped us understand and appreciate our cultural diversity and enhance our competence in this regards.

The IPM-course though intended to be largely in German, efforts were made to accommodate all those attending, eventually most of the programme was done in English. Competent and experienced course facilitators of the different topics made learning a great experience.

The GNE-Institute is resident on the University of Kassel Campus in Witzenhausen, a small beautiful town in Hessen State midway between Kassel and Goettingen. The town though small has an international atmosphere, cherries, very green and is friendly to foreigners.

10. September 2014
Onsomu Ivo Orina from GIZ Health Programme Kenya is one out of four GIZ-participants of the ‘Coordinator in International Project Management’- Course by GNE.

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