ELCA Online Training Phase Culminates in Comprehensive Urban Climate Resilience Strategies

Yesterday marked the successful completion of the first online training phase in Climate Protection Management (CPM) for the „ELCA – Empowering Local Climate Action“ project´s capacity building approach.  ELCA is a cross-border project with CZ and ROU implemented by Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltige Entwicklung (GNE) and financed by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). The final session, the 13th in a series, focused on „Urban and Regional Planning for Climate Resilience.“ The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Lutz Katzschner, an esteemed meteorologist and retired Professor of Environmental Meteorology from the University of Kassel. Prof. Katzschner now heads the Institute for Climate and Energy Strategies (INKEK), specializing in urban climatic mapping and climate adaptation projects.

The session offered comprehensive insights into various aspects of urban climatology. Participants delved into formal statistics on estimated global temperatures and explored the differences between the natural and human-enhanced greenhouse effects. They also examined illustrations of urban and suburban radiation fluxes in daily variations and gained insights from the German Law Federal Building Code.

The lecture provided guidelines for managing urban climate and planning scales, discussing the principles and subjects of urban climatology. It highlighted urban planning in the context of climate change, as accepted by the 2016 and 2018 German Association of Engineers (VDI). The session further explored different levels of Urban Climatic Planning Actions and the creation of urban climatic maps, along with principles of design for the four basic climate types. The session concluded with a definition of an ideal urban climate by Prof. Katzschner.

The final part of the session was interactive, with trainees engaging in a Q&A segment. Prof. Dr. Katzschner shared his extensive academic knowledge and professional experience, providing valuable answers to the participants‘ questions.

This training marks a significant step towards equipping local actors in Czech Republic and Romania with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement effective climate action and enhance urban resilience through green infrastructure and Nature based Solutions.

Upon the completion of the training phase, GNE will publish the ECLA Climate Protection Management Handbook. This comprehensive and meticulously crafted handbook will encompass all materials developed during the training. It will serve as an invaluable resource, providing ECLA trainees with ongoing access to the knowledge and strategies essential for effective climate protection management.

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