Finding my true strengths

After working abroad for a while coming back to Germany, I was eager to get qualified with a course that would connect my studies in Natural Resources Management and International Development with the german work environment. Since I´m also highly interested in topics of climate change and the current debate personally, the qualification course I wanted to do I found right was the GNEs “Koordinator*in Klimaschutz und Ressourcenmanagement“, so I enrolled. During the course I was pleased to learn a lot from great trainers. To my favor there were overlapping lectures in the field of development cooperation that I attended, and I was also glad to have the possibility to sneak into lectures from IPM and CPA. After 4 months of intense online training with the GNE I was now sure again, that my professional path and passion lays more in development cooperation and that I´m not seeking employment in municipal climate protection. I am beyond grateful that the GNE gave me the opportunity and the flexibility to find out were my real strengthens are.
Therefore, I decided to do my internship with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH in Bonn- more precisely in their Civil Peace Service Programme.

Miriam Rupp

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