Finance management course with Caroline Wiegand

đŸŒ± Excited to share my experience teaching a two-day finance management course at GNE Witzenhausen! It was amazing to engage with a fantastic group online, delving into topics like budgeting & calculations, financial reporting in non-profit organizations and discussing about the role of new management techniques, as well as current trends including gender budgeting strategies. The participants were eager to engage and relate this topic to their own professional experiences, making it a fulfilling and fruitful course for everyone involved. It includes intensive group works with a focus on learning from each other. I wish the current IPM group at the GNE Witzenhausen best of luck in the following weeks with their training as well as their internships at various different organisations in the development sector. Looking forward to more opportunities to empower professionals in sustainable development! #FinanceManagement #NonProfit #GenderBudgeting

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